I’m a Survivor! And talents.

So I wish the Hunter’s Survival tree was a more viable spec for the general population. Beast Mastery is regarded as the best spec for raid and PvE DPS. Marksmanship is regarded as the best PvP spec. But Survival, despite some of its awesome talents, is lackluster.

Now I am told that once you break 600 agility, Survival actually passes BM in DPS, but I don’t have a link to concrete evidence supporting this.

If I were to respec Aratar right now (I haven’t done so since they moved things around), I would spec him like this. This looks like the strongest PvP spec in my opinion. You still get all the crucial talents like Improved Intercept, Deathwish, Piercing Howl and what not (thanks Blizz!) but you also get to max out 2-handed Weapon Specialization and Commanding Presence.

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