Hunter Problems

Cheeky, being infinite in Hunter wisdom, and the creator of the (in)famous Cheeky Spreadsheet made a very short (relatively) and concise post regarding the flaws in Hunter mechanics in the current state of the game. With help/collaboration from Lactose, a Hunter from the European boards.

You can find the thread here.

The most interesting thing he has brought up is the idea of possibly removing Autoshoot and making Steady Shot primary DPS and give it a buff to make up for the loss, similar to a caster. Another option is to unlink all Hunter abilities from Autoshoot, similar to Rogues and Warriors, preventing any special attack from “clipping” your Autoshoot, causing you to lose that DPS.

I encourage the read as Cheeky and Lactose (who Cheeky has said is the original author) really did a great job with the breakdown of current Hunter mechanics and surprisingly all the subsequent posts from the community are generally well thought out and intelligent (or at least readable).

Guys like Lactose and Cheeky are the types of folks Blizzard needs working on class balance in their office. I mean, if Indalamar can get a job after making a video that got Warriors nerfed in 24 hours, these type of incredibly well-written, educated posts with supporting facts and figures deserve it as well. :)

Oh, and here is the Indalamar video. It was made back in beta and showed what Warriors were able to do with the talents they had when used properly.

Preface: The talent Bloodthirst used to, after dealing a killing blow, guarantee your next attack to be a critical strike and do double-damage. So check out the numbers he gets using the Dreadforge Retaliator and just imagine what it would look like if a Warrior hit you like that with Stormherald.

Oh, and Cheeky’ Spreadsheet.

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