Going to Gruul’s . . . . .

OK, only not really. I joined a PUG last night to attempt to kill Gruul. Attempt. Key word there. Apparently the raid leader lead a group last night to kill High King. So only Gruul was left.

The raid was filling up pretty quickly so I even skipped my AV queue to go. Bad mistake. We finally got there, buffed up, got 10 people on Vent (since apparently the host’s Vent could only handle 15) and pulled trash.

At which point a bunch of DPS died. Quickly.

Apparently one of the Paladins thought giving Blessing of Salvation to the tanks was a good idea. /sigh

So we fixed that problem, pulled the last group of 3 Ogres before Gruul, only to have the Ogre Priest heal.

Like 4 friggin’ times. Needless to say, we wiped. Some Paladin talked a lot of crap. The tank said he didn’t want to deal with it, and the raid subsequently fell apart.

On trash. Not even Gruul.

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