Go Go Gadget Arena Rating!

So we gained 22 points in our rating for the 5v5 team. Up to a whopping 1523. Which I still consider pretty good since we have never played with Zubu before and Warbull is still technically new to the game and wearing quest rewards still. However he did farm Alliance like a mad man to rack up over 18,000 honor on Saturday to truly take advantage of AV weekend. This allowed him to replace his Auction House-bought Crystalforged War Axe with a shiny Gladiator’s Greatsword.

And while it took me a day longer than it took him, I managed to finally pick up my Gladiator’s Heavy Crossbow. And while it’s not Season 3, it was a huge upgrade and the damage on my shots is substantially larger. I feel less gimpy, and less like I am flinging rocks at people.

And Great Father Winter brought all the good Horde and Alliance Clockwork Rocket Robots, which are just awesome incarnate. And so to be nerfed, just like Worg Pups of old (I’m looking at you Nox! Owned by the Pup!)

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