Five for Fighting!

So we did our first 5v5 Arena late last night. I don’t think we actually got our 10 games in before the server started doing calculations. We ended up getting 5 wins and 5 losses. And while it certainly isn’t an award winning record, I think we did really well.

Considering Warbull had never played an Arena game before, and comparatively speaking we are all still very undergeared. We probably could have done 7 and 3, but one team we fought twice was ridiculously well-geared and the Warlock on the team was probably sitting at 16,000 HP we were willing to chalk those losses up to a gear disparity.

Warbull is working on crafting [Thunder], which will be a huge boon to us. While Vinculum is well on his way to crafting [Deep Thunder]. The idea of running double Warriors is usually for people who are trying to solely capitalize on a Shaman’s Bloodlust/Heroism and huge 2-handed weapons. Our team still is trying to make use of 2 big weapons, but without the Shaman.

Our team has (and will get more) a lot of survivability. 2 Warriors, a Druid, myself as a Hunter, and a Discipline Priest. Now while the Priest is squishier than say, a Paladin, he has castable Pain Suppression and that makes a world of difference.

Now if I could replace [Valanos' Longbow], I might be able to do some decent damage.

You hear me Prince Malchezaar?! Give me a friggin’ [Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix]!

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